Looking for a Good Place to Spend Your Vacation? Visit Dakak!

Dakak Park and Beach Resort
Dakak Park and Beach Resort

From Cagayan de Oro, it will take more or less 7 to 8 hours travel by land to reach Dakak in Zamboanga Del Norte via Iligan. There will also be a short ferry boat ride, around 30 minutes, from Mukas to Ozamis City.

What’s in Dakak? Pristine white beach and lovely swimming pools.

Travel Tips:

Book in advance to be sure that you will have accommodation in Dakak;

If you have your own car, it would be better to use your own car when you visit Dakak in Dapitan. This will make going to interesting places a breeze considering that Dapitan (where Dakak is) is a historical place with good places to visit.

Here’s another suggestion: stay in Dakak at least two (2) nights. This will allow you to enjoy one night at FantasyLand and and one night to enjoy the seaside festivities.

FantasyLand is a mini theme park just like Enchanted Kingdom (if you’re from the Philippines) or like a mini mini Disneyland (if you’re from the States) and it is owned by Dakak Resort.  If you stay in Dakak Beach Resort, part of the package is free access to FantasyLand, a mini theme park. Transportation is not a problem since they have large buses that brings guests to and from the resort hotel to the theme park. The schedule, however, is in the early evening, starting from around 5 pm. The theme park closes at 11 pm.

Dinnertime in the resort is nostalgic; the beaches are lined with tables and chairs where guests can take their dinner while watching authentic Hawaiian and hula dancers dance the night away.




 The swimming pools are breathtaking during evenings as they are lighted in colorful shades.


For more information on Dakak, you can visit their Facebook page and Dakak’s contact numbers are:





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