Historic & Serene Dapitan: A Great Place to Visit

Looking back, I’m glad we visited Dapitan… primarily for the reason that my children now appreciate better Dr. Jose Rizal and his role in the our country’s history.



Travel Tips:

If you’re travelling to Dapitan City, be sure to bring your camera and your extra batteries! Plenty of beautiful sights to capture!

If you’re going to eat in restaurants or “carenderias” along the boulevard, ask for prices first to ensure that you stay within your budget.

When we visited, it was the Holy Week, so most of the stores were practically closed. We looked for a store on our way back to the hotel to buy bottled water (and it was past 9 in the evening), we did not find any store open. But that was the Holy Week … maybe stores are open even late at night on regular days.


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