Cagayan de Oro City’s LED Traffic Lights

Cagayan de Oro City's LED Traffic Lights

I watched the local news just a few minutes ago and I saw a segment where public utility vehicle drivers were complaining about the alleged inefficiency of the newly installed “unique” traffic lights in the major thoroughfares of Cagayan de Oro City. I could not help but ask … are they serious?

I am a resident of Cagayan; and although I use the city thoroughfares everyday, I can not compete with the PUV drivers in terms of the frequency with which they ply these routes. But seriously, it’s not really that bad.

If you’ve not seen these new traffic lights, I bet you’re wondering what makes them unique. Well, for one, they are called LED traffic lights and they display more than just the three colored circles; in them you will also see diminishing bars of light signifying a countdown of time. The diminishing bars looks like the signal strength indicators found in cell phone screens – the lesser the signal strength, the less bars are seen.  Plus you’ll also see numbers telling you how many seconds more you have to wait before you can cross the street.

Thus it’s not just stop, look, and listen anymore (hahaha!)!

I personally find these traffic lights more effective; more driver-friendly. They are also more pedestrian-friendly as the signs for pedestrians are more visible and are really working.


They're working!
How about the drivers’ complaints?

Well, let’s just say some people, they like to complain practically about anything and everything, from the ever increasing and unstoppable gasoline prices to the transport strike that’s going to happen this Monday. And this is a free country, so that’s just normal, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

And oh by the way, I know that there’s more to this traffic light bruhaha alright! I know for example that this is a political issue (I can easily understand why).  But that’s beyond me … because my point here is simple:  those LED traffic lights works for me just fine, and I like them better than the old ones we used to have!

How about you? If you’ve not seen these traffic lights, come visit Cagayan de Oro!


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