“Fishy” Smelling Body Odor?

Smell something "fishy"?

Maybe you do know someone, or maybe you smell “bad” yourself. If this is the case, here’s one advice for you: Judge not! Why? Read on so you’ll know …

Do you know that the foul smell can actually be caused by a metabolic disorder called trimethylaminuria?

This is true, and what makes this condition very disheartening is the fact that not very people are aware of this condition. Generally, people who smell – those who have bad breath and foul-smelling or fishy-smelling body odor – are looked upon as people with poor hygiene practices. This is simply not fair.

Here’s more: trimethylaminuria is a genetic disorder, which means that it can be passed on from parents to children. It has also been observed that people who consume choline-rich food are the most susceptible to this disorder. This is according to a study conducted in the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, USA, and which is published in the American Journal of Medicine.

So, if you ever come across someone who has bad breath or who smells, don’t judge immediately, or better yet, don’t pass any judgement at all!

What if you know that the person practices good personal hygiene and yet he or she smells? Then there is a big chance that the person has trimethylaminuria. Now, if you want to to help this person, tell him or her about trimethylaminuria, but only if you are confident that the person will not be offended. You can also try telling the person to visit this blog and read about this article; I think that would be great!

What about if you are the one with the fishy problem? Here’s my suggestion on what you can do. Try avoiding or lessening your intake of choline-rich food such as salt-water fish, liver, eggs, and legumes like kidney beans and soy. If, after your diet modification you see a change for the better, then you can be sure its trimethylaminuria.

So if you’re sure its not trimethylaminuria, then you better brush your teeth more often and take a bath regularly. Who knows its just poor hygiene after all? You see, if I had body odor, I’d prefer the cause to be poor hygiene rather than metabolic disorder. At least with poor hygiene, I can still do something about it!

What’s your take on this issue?



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