Money Saving Tips for Homemakers Living in Cagayan de Oro City

I have been continuously thinking of topics to write in my blog; topics that would help women like me – homemakers, wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, and even career women who might just need the information I will provide. So I’ve tried writing about almost all topics that interests me, because I am all those. My belief is that if the things I wrote helped me, surely there would be someone out there who will be helped just as well.

The topics just jump out from nowhere; they are not planned nor thought of seriously. When they come, they come in like water rushing into a floodgate, and more often than not, my fingers just go on clicking to the point my children would joke at me “saying the horses have been let go!” (I use the keyboard the way I used typewriters back then hahaha!)

And so this morning, while cleaning my kitchen, I saw the cucumbers, the patola, and the bananas we bought yesterday from Cogon Market – in the sidewalk, from vendors.

For Moms and wives who buy veggies and fruits, do you know that vegetables like cucumbers and patolas, as well as fruits like bananas are sold in the market at least 4 times lesser than the price in wet markets and superstores?

One (1) cucumber, for instance, will cost you around 15 to 16 pesos in the super market, while in Cogon, from a sidewalk vendor; a kilo of cucumber only costs 10 pesos.  For these two cucumbers I only paid 13.00.












One (1) patola, if bought from a supermarket’s vegetable section, will cost around 20 to 22 pesos, while from local vendors in the market, one piece is 10 pesos. So for these two, I only paid 20.00.













Bananas are sold in Cogon market (sidewalk vendors alongOsmeña Street) at 20.00 per kilo. From super market fruits section, the same banana variety is being sold at 90.00 or higher per kilo.  For this whole bunch (add to this five pieces already eaten by my kids), I paid only 43.00.00.



Well, this is just FYI; money-saving tips for homemakers like me ;D



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