How About You? How Would You Answer THE Question?

It’s been, what, 4 hours since the world congratulated the new Miss Universe? But up until now, in social networking sites, people are still making comments about what happened and what they thought went wrong.

In my mind, a thought has been bothering me: Ms Philippines was on the top, and she was one of the favorites. But what happened? Why did she end up as 3rd Runner Up? Based on how things went, she could have gotten 1st or 2nd runner up easily.

What went wrong?

Well, just like any typical Filipino, I wanted her to win! Who didn’t? I’m sure we all did. But we have to acknowledge the fact that the lady who won (where’s she from again?) -she was nice and sweet and was pretty and smart.

Was it the way Ms Philippines responded to the question? Or was it the content of her answer?

If it was the manner with which she answered the question, I can not see anything wrong with how she answered. She could have done much better though, if she said it in a much slower manner. She was good in the English language, in fact, the only candidate who did not need the help of an interpreter. But she gave the answer directly, matter-of-factly, no frills, and maybe, the judges did not see that as a plus factor.

Could it be the content of her answer?

Pondering on the question myself, I realize it was a bit sensitive – the topic. Religion can be a very “touchy” topic; and for some people – intermarriage is, too.

I admire Ms Philippines for answering without any hint of hesitation the question, which goes to show that she meant every word of it and she believed in it; and truly, I respect her for that.

Now here’s the million-dollar question: If you were asked the same question, how would you answer it?


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