“Bata, Bata, Bakit Ka Naging Masama?”

Children Are Helpless

I was watching this morning’s Ponto Por Ponto, a segment from a nationally aired television morning news and I was taken aback with what I saw: videos of children stopping mobile taxi cabs in the middle of the streets in Manila and then stealing from the passengers. In one very recent video, the children grabbed the passenger’s bags (or valuables), and then they ran towards the train tracks, then to the other side of the expressway, leaving behind a shocked taxi driver and passenger.

The segment’s title was “Bata, bata, bakit ka nagging masama?”

I could not believe what I saw (as the acts were caught in the MMDA’s CCTV).

Then I asked myself …

What happened?

What went wrong?

The segment’s anchor gave this call at the end of the show: “Masdan mo ang mga bata …” (watch the children)

As adults, what have we done?

What have we failed to do?

If we did something, maybe it wasn’t enough.

If we haven’t done anything, what then?

Can we do more?

What else can we do?

Of the things we did in the past, what should we not do anymore or not do again?

Let us all think! Let us all act! Now!






One thought on ““Bata, Bata, Bakit Ka Naging Masama?”

  1. From Maximus Wolfgang Oculares:

    This is because the law protects them, R.A. 9344 must be repealed, the reason why juvenile delinquent soars, aurthor of this law, I think does not have anticipation on what it brings to the society as a whole, and those who concurred it, I think it is just for compliance.

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