Want to Know Where to Find Inexpensive “Buys” in Cagayan de Oro?

I’ve been thinking … what will I write today? What should it be about? A bloggers life can at times be boring – gray days I call them – times when nothing just crops into your mind … no idea, no aha!, nothing.

That’s why I am writing now about nothing in particular … or in particular, about nothingness.

On second thought, I just got an idea! Aha! Finally, today’s not a gray day after all!

Have you been inside a store owned and operated by Koreans in Cagayan de Oro? I just did, this morning.

My husband and I went to 2 stores

this morning called Kaking and Kabbee (I’m not sure of the spelling, so my apologies), and you bet I had an interesting discovery…

What??? What did you discover??? (I can already hear you asking hahaha!)

Well, an assortment of so many things that are not expensive – from tiny kitchen trinkets to nail polish, from small and dainty table top clocks to mechanical tools (would you believe priced at only 400.00 plus?); from plastic wares to shoes and sandals and thousand other what-have-you’s. Of course I saw that they were of low quality, but that did not seem to bother the people who were buying light bulbs, faucets, curling iron, and even motorcycle helmets?

We went out after paying for my cute paper pad holder (I am not even sure if this is the correct name), which I paid for only 30.00.

My Cute Orange Paper Holder

Want to do some adventure shopping? Visit these stores and who knows you might just find something you’ll like for a very small price.  But here’s my advice – as I said, never expect high quality goods or items. Let’s just say most of what they sell are of low quality,  but they are also inexpensive (I don’t want to use the word cheap), which I think is just commensurate to the price attached to them.

And before I forget, Kaking and Kabbee are located in Osmeña Street, from where the old Gaisano Supermarket was once located. There are also plenty of like-stores in the Cogon area.

Happy shopping!



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