Teaching Our Children


Our children are our responsibility.

Our Heavenly Father entrusted them to us, and our sacred duty is to take care of them physically and spiritually. We are to nurture them not just with food but with everything that they need in order to prepare them to become responsible adults. We need to teach them good values – honesty, integrity, charity, humility, dedication, commitment, industry, thrift, kindness, compassion, and many more.

In time they, too, will become parents as well as leaders in our society. If we prepare them well, they will be equipped for the tasks in front of them; but if we fail to do our part, they will surely fail in theirs too, and we will be held accountable for it.

As parents, we are to make sure we teach them well and good, because …

Children Believe. They believe what we say. They are interested to the truth. As parents and adults we have a sacred obligation to teach them correctly about everything that they need to know to live a good and honorable life. In teaching them, we have to do so simply and clearly, with language and examples that they can understand.

Children take things literally. Everything is real to them. It is therefore very important that as we communicate through our words and our actions, we make sure that they understand what we are teaching them. We have to make certain that they do not misunderstand us so let’s be open and allow them to ask questions.

Children will follow our example. We are always teaching, even when we are not aware of it. We often teach more by our attitude and example than by what we say; and children easily copy what they see. This is most likely the reason for the saying “our children are a reflection of who we truly” …


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