Merry Christmas Shopping Everyone!

Christmas Shopping

For many Filipinos, Christmas is almost here! I’m sure foreigners visiting our country and hearing our radio stations play Christmas music this early will find it amusing; but hey! Filipinos are nonetheless very proud that we’re the only nation in this whole world who celebrates Christmas as early as September. As many Filipinos would say “ Basta “ber” na gani ang ending sa month, Christmas na gyod”!

So, in the spirit of early Christmas preparation, here are some valuable tips on how to avoid overspending this Christmas.

Always Pay Using Cash

Do you know that literally seeing money leave the wallet causes a buyer or shopper to be aware of what they are buying? Yes! So when doing your shopping, pay in cash!

Do You Know About the 1.5 % Rule?

It’s very simple: It admonishes the buyer not to spend more than 1.5 % of his or her total gross income on holiday shopping. Moreover, if you are in debt, reduce your spending to less than 1% of your total gross income.

Make a Christmas Shopping List, and Stick to it!

This is very self explanatory. Do not buy what is not on the list!

Sticking to your list when Christmas shopping also saves you time and money, plus it narrows your options. Then, the list should also include a price range for each item. For example, if you’re going to buy a pair of shoes for your husband or son, write how much your budget is for the shoes, for example, 1,500 – 2,000 only. Lastly, include an option B or C. For instance, you have not found a sweater that you like for your daughter; you should have option B – a handbag; or option C – a fashion wristwatch.

What If You Are An Impulse Buyer?

That can be a very big challenge. If you think you will not be able to control yourself, better shop online. Stay away from stores and malls, especially those offering sales discounts.

Again, spend wisely this Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Shopping


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