What Many of Our Children Today Are Missing …

kids playing

Gone were the days when kids played “tago tagoan”, or “iring iring”, or “tumba lata”. Today, children’s idea of play and fun are as follows: going to Worlds of Fun or Fun Time and using tokens to operate slot machines, playing with electronic gadgets like Wii and PSP, or playing online games.

How things have changed.

I often tell my children how much fun we had on our childhood years: running in the grassy lawn of our school campus while the rain was pouring; playing “baligya baligya” using candy and cigarette wrappers as money; tago-tago, iring iring, bulan bulan, tumba lata, kundisi, bato lata, etc. I also remember climbing the monkey bars behind the old elementary school library of BSC; or the “patilurusan” at BCS’s Valley …

If you are a parent, don’t let the powers of the modern world steal the best of your children’s childhood. Let us share with them what we enjoyed when we were still young. For example, have they tried the monkey bars and the see saw? We don’t have to build our own monkey bars or see saws for them to enjoy. There are still simple places where you can find them. My only apprehension is this: if our children will say: “baduy man”, or, “yuck!”

If and when that happens, I hope you and I will realize that indeed, we missed teaching them the simple joys from simple things…

kids playing





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