Rodelsa Circle … In My Own Opinion? Sayang …

I pass by Rodelsa Circle almost everyday, and every time I do, I feel sad that something so beautiful is being wasted just because …


You see, Rodelsa Circle is in the middle of the Rotonda near the Cagayan de Oro River. The Rotonda is an access road to four (4) destinations: towards Divisoria going through Velez Street; towards Carmen through the new bridge; towards Tibasak and Macasandig; and towards Nazareth throughTomas Saco Street. Nearest the Circle is the soon-to-be-opened Paseo Del Rio Mall, definitely one of the newest and most modern commercial structures here in the City.


If you’re familiar with what happens to this area almost every evening, you too can attest that it has become something other than what most peace-loving people would have wanted it to be. Almost every evening, the circle comes alive as food stalls cooking and selling barbecue lay their tables open and begin selling food as well as alcoholic beverages. The patrons to these stalls? Mostly young people, some driving very expensive cars, some in motorcycles.  A live band plays in the middle of the Circle to the enjoyment of the people inside the circle and those occupying their parked cars along the sidewalks. Most of these people are noisy, and, after a few hours of drinking and eating, most are tipsy, if not drunk!

I am not against progress, development, people enjoying themselves … I just feel a little concerned that enjoyment is now equated with drinking alcoholic beverages; of young people drinking and staying out very late at night; of public places being turned into drinking places; that there is an existing ordinance (I am not entirely sure if it’s a City Ordinance or a Barangay Ordinance – but I saw a sign there that mentioned the warning) which prohibits drinking alcoholic beverages along the street from the Rodelsa Circle towards Tibasak, YET it is being violated openly.



If only Rodelsa Circle will be turned into what it should be – a nice clean place to sit and watch the sun set in the horizon; a nice place to sit and chat with family and friends; a clean and nice place to take a leisurely walk or do brisk walking for exercise; a nice place to take pictures …

Look at the open space in the middle, under the shade of the tree .. would that not be a very nice place to let little children take their first step? Or maybe someone can start teaching Tai Chi there every morning (for free)!

If only …


Rodelsa Circle as seen in the road leading towards Velez Street.

One thought on “Rodelsa Circle … In My Own Opinion? Sayang …

  1. Nice post mommytins! So true..Of late there has been a concerning increase of under age drinking.. and the number one influence of it is the kind of environment they are exposed to.. Been to Rodelsa Circle many times but “gpaniid rami” hehhe in short, nmantay rah lol.. and these are what i’ve observed…

    1. dizzy when i get home from there—smoke arrgh.
    2. not a good place for kids at night–they will for sure acquire asthma .
    3. good for family bonding yet for people who have lotsa friends, you get pressured when they invite you to jam with them– better not go there to avoid getting drunk or puff something..

    Its a good place early in the morning though..and also for those people who enjoy its scene uplate..

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