Are You Sure?

I wonder …

What … and who … matters most to you?

Like … have you ever asked yourself what… or who… makes you love waking up in the morning?

What…  or who…  makes you want to stay “afloat” despite the feelings of loss, disappointments, frustrations, and hopelessness?

What … or who … puts a smile in your eyes? Yes, your eyes!

I’ve read somewhere that a real smile is something that no one can fake; and to see whether a person’s smile is genuine, real, and sincere – look at his or her eyes …

What … or who … gives you the motivation to work harder day after day after day?

What … or who … gives you hope?

What … or who … helps you see beyond the uncertainties in life?

Who will stand by you when you have none?

Who will hold your hand when you need it most?

I hope you know what … or who …

Because life is fleeting … and for all you know, you have  invested so much on the “What” and the “Who” … those that are as temporary as almost everything there is in this world.


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