Simple Ways to Burn 200 Calories


For people who have reached the 40’s, something is just inevitable – the metabolism slows down – and gaining weight becomes a dilemma. The hardest part, for many of us, is losing the weight – and maintaining it! Some follow diet fads; some take diet pills; some exercise; and for those who are truly determined, they hit the gym! For those who have not gathered or mustered enough courage and will power – yet – to enroll in a gym class, here are other ways of burning 200 calories:

  • Clean your living room for 30 minutes and do some furniture rearranging;
  • Painting (or repainting) a wall for one hour;
  • Have a barbecue party; but first clean your patio and pull some weeds from your garden;
  • Do your shopping and push your cart around the grocery;
  • Play the scrabble with your friends and family members;
  • Clean and wash your car;
  • Give your partner a massage for 42 minutes – you’ll burn more than 200 calories;
  • Dance to some samba music for an aerobic dance;
  • And this is my favorite – go window shopping and try on as many clothes as you want. Do you know that for every piece of clothing you try on, you burn at least 11 calories? So try on as many as you like – it’ll be one enjoyable workout for you.

So if you’re like the many many people I know (including me) who’s desperate to lose weight, why not try any of these calorie-burning activities? Here’s the plus: if you do all these, you’ll end up with a cleaner and prettier house, your relationship with your spouse will improve (what with all the massages you’ll give him/her), and you’ll be slimmer, sexier, and more fit than you’ve ever been.


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