Thank you!

Be Grateful!

I’ve been counting my blessings this morning, and I can not help but remember some of the most memorable firsts in my life, and the people that made them happen.

A few of these “firsts” stand out because if not for the people who made them possible, these opportunities would have remained just a far distant reality simply because they are not part of my priority or soon-to-do lists!


Early this year, a good friend invited me to travel with her to Subic, a place I would probably never visit in my lifetime simply because there’s nothing there that interests me. If I make a list of places in the Philippines I’d visit, it would be on the bottom. But I am glad I was able to visit Subic with her and another friend because I had the opportunity to witness for myself this: that pedestrian discipline and driving courtesy is possible in the Philippines. I saw in Subic polite drivers and respectful pedestrians giving each other the “right of way” – nobody taking advantage of anybody.  People in Subic obey traffic rules!

Sue & Tess




My first ever foot spa – at David’s Salon in Bohol! Here’s the thing with me; I regularly get a pedicure, once every two weeks – but foot spa, never! It’s because my “pedicurista” has been telling me not to even start, otherwise “mobaga daw ang akong mga kubal!”

Last summer our families went together to Bohol for a short vacation. In one of our trips to a Mall there, we had foot spa together. I have to admit it felt good to have my feet scrubbed to immaculate cleanness; but what I loved more was the chance it afforded me and my friend to just sit beside each other and talk our hearts out about anything and everything that mattered to us. I will always cherish that moment I had with her; bisan pa nangasamad akong kuko kay dili kaayo kabalo ang nag pedicure nako hahaha!

Sue and Me in Bohol




My first wart removal with a dermatologist; she brought me along and we visited her dermatologist-friend. I’ve been to a derma before, but only for facials – never for wart removal. The funny thing is I never even knew I had warts until I saw her doctor-friend and the kind doctor scrutinized my face and neck.


My first foot spa in a Spa, with all the music and the very comfy lounging chair and the aromatic scents and the soft fluffy pillows and the head massage … It was heavenly! Plus the nail polish we had on had a warranty! (Abi ko appliances lang ang dunay warranty hahaha!) The lady in the counter told us we can go back if the nail polish gets chipped and they will gladly put on a new coat. It took more than two hours to finish the whole package: manicure, pedicure, and head massage. That was an awesome experience for me. I went home with pale pink nail polish in my fingers and toes that lasted, without any chip, for three weeks!

Nail Care

My first body massage in a  Spa. This happened three weeks after our foot spa together in the same Spa facility. I’m not the massage-type of person because I have plenty of “kiliti” spots almost anywhere in my body, but I truly felt very relaxed after the session as I went home with the sweet scent of lavender. Unfortunately, that night, my back felt like I just had a boxing bout with Manny Pacquiao; but I said to myself it’s maybe because it was my first time to have a full body massage, and honestly, I loved every minute of it!

Full Body Massage

I have read somewhere that Heavenly Father, because He loves us so much, at times sends angels to watch over us. I believe I found my angel in her.

For all these and the many other blessings you have brought into my life (as well as into the lives of all the members of my family), may God bless you more and more!

Thank you for always thinking of me … for sharing what you have … for sharing of yourself not only to me but to my family in so many ways …

Thank you!



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