8 Ways to Rise Above the “Blues”

Have you ever risen from your bed on a morning and felt that something is wrong? To make matters worst, you don’t really have an idea what; it’s just a tugging feeling – more like a cloud or mist of darkness that’s enveloping you.

If you’re a little older, maybe it’s hormonal. Or maybe you’re experiencing stress that’s caused by your work. It may also be caused by people around you – your family, your house help, your neighbor, and at times even your friends. When left unresolved, too much stress causes depression; and depression can worsen over time.

Here’s the good news: whatever it is that’s causing these negative feelings, there’s a way to rise above them. One health expert said that “depression is a self-centered state, and the best way to address it is by focusing your attention away from yourself and onto others.”

The solution is simple: think less of yourself and focus on someone else. The best way to do it is to make someone else happy!

Below are some suggestions on how to make yourself happy by making others happy.

1. Send your Mom, your Dad, your sister(s), your brother(s) a text message or an email saying how much you love them and miss them;

2. Look around you and simply smile to the people nearest you;

3. If you’re “Facebooking”, “like” someone’s update. Just be sure it’s something really “likeable”;

4. Compliment someone – honestly. There’s always something nice and good in someone. Find that and be generous in complimenting that;

5. If you’re in your office, tell your favorite officemate how much you appreciate her/him and his/her friendship or association;

6. If you’re a Mom or a Dad, tell your children how much you love them and how glad you are that they your children;

7. Look at your spouse direct in his/her eyes and tell him/her how much you love being his/her partner;

8. Write a “helping” message in your Fb status – something that can lift someone else’s sagging spirit.

These are just some suggestions; I’m sure you can think of more ways to make someone happy. The important thing is to do it, now!


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