The Woman I Met at the DFA …

I went a few months ago to the DFA for my passport, and I met a woman who was also processing her passport. We were seated together in the same bench waiting for our turn in the biometrics section and we started talking about why we were there and the purposes of our passports. I told her I was getting mine because I am traveling with a friend in a few months; she told me she was leaving for Dubai to work.

She looked at the files I was holding (I had my marriage contract and my children’s NSO authenticated birth certificates) and she suddenly said, without me asking her, that she will be leaving behind 3 small children. I could not help but ask why she had to leave. I asked her about her previous employment and where she will be working inDubai, as well as how much she will be making. Much to my surprise, she said her salary will be 14 thousand per month. I was taken aback! I told her she can earn that money here; she does not have to leave. She had a college degree and she worked as a private employee before her decision to work as a worker of some sort in Dubai.

I felt bad. I could not help but feel sad that for such a small amount of money, she is willing to leave behind 3 very small children to the care of their father. I wonder how her husband feels about her leaving and working abroad.

Then she was called; and then my turn came. We again sat beside each other as our pictures were taken. She stood up first and was about to leave. I held her hand (funny, I can’t remember her name anymore), and told her to think hard first before making any final decision. I told her she can earn that money here, as long as she’s willing to work hard and work smart. I made her a promise, gave her my number, and told her I would be willing to help her find a job. I am not rich; I can’t promise her money. But I have friends who can help her, as long as she’s willing to do her part.

We parted ways; and I looked at her one last time. I am not sure if I will ever see her again. In my heart though, I hope she will not leave her children. Money is just money, but our children, they will only be children once, and they need their mothers more than anything else in this world.

Money can not buy love.


3 thoughts on “The Woman I Met at the DFA …”

  1. So true, not most women think what you think and do what you suggests to do. They think different because they often said, it’s my own situations and this is the only thing I can do for now. They do not think much of what it can be like in the future because of that decision they’re now making.
    Most of the time people decide very quick without considering various factors affects the very family they called “my own family”. So sad.

  2. When all else fails, a woman’s innate strength springs forth…her first instinct is to provide for the family…and when she feels hopeless from within her circle…she moves forward…there are no coincidences, you were meant to be within her circle of reach that day….how she responds to that encounter and the opportunity you have to offer… That is and will be her choice…

    God will always be leading us to better options… It is our willingness to open our eyes to the unseen and feel within our hearts and listen to the whispers the prompitngs and the proddings…what happens next… Will make or break us…

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