Best Exercise for a Healthier Heart and a Sexier You

It’s called aqua exercise. Yes, you read it right; aqua exercise or water exercise!

Yes, it requires that you don a swimsuit; but you may opt to wear a short and a shirt instead if you’re not very comfortable in a swimsuit, as long as the pool owner will allow you to;

Yes, you’ll be required to really get into the pool (or in any body of water) and get yourself wet;

Yes, this exercise can be done on the beach if you’re nearer it or if you don’t have access to a pool;

Yes, you have to be a fun-loving person so you’ll enjoy this type of exercise;

No, you don’t have to know how to swim to be able to do the aqua exercise;

No, this exercise is not just for the fat or the overweight. This exercise will do everybody good, whether you’re 8 or 80 years old; thin or fat, or tall or short.

Aqua or Water Exercise is best for everybody. It does wonders for the cardiovascular system – the heart in particular. And since the exercise is done in the water, all the muscles in the body are used. The beauty of aqua or water exercise is the fact that although all the major muscles of the body are moved during the whole activity, very little effort is felt because the buoyancy of the water helps carry the body’s weight. This type of exercise is also highly recommended for those with joint problems (mostly those who are a little older) because this is a low-impact exercise; the joints in the ankles and knees are safely protected from too much exertion during the exercise.

Water exercise is simple: its aerobic exercise done in the water. You’ll need some floaters as accessories and a few water dumbbells or weights. You can also listen to music as you perform your aerobic exercises. The water level has to be at least a little below your shoulders so you can maximize the buoyancy of the water when you do your arm exercises.

So get your swimsuit ready (you’ll look and feel much better on them, I tell you!) and find a friend or two who can join you! Find the perfect pool and do this as regularly as you can and kiss those extra pounds away. Just don’t go to Jollibee or McDonald’s after your exercise session, otherwise your hard work will be of no value.

Wait … on second thought, go ahead! Enjoy Jollibee and McDonald’s once in a while. One thing I learned about losing weight; it’s all about burning all those extra calories. So if you eat out, just be sure to take a walk before you go to bed; use the stairs and not the elevator, drink lots and lots of water; fidget so you’ll burn an extra 200 calories per day; and be on the move whenever there’s an opportunity. And lastly, do your aqua or water exercise at least 2 times a week.


See you in the pool!


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