The High Cost of Being Beautiful: Are We Willing to Pay the Price?

I just have one question for you, since you’re reading this post.

Are hair dye’s safe to use?

I have to confess my hair color is different; not this light brownish shade I have been sporting for a long time. My real hair color, if I am to describe it, is dark brown – not too brown, and definitely not black.

If I am to count how many years I’ve been dyeing my hair, I’d say I have to count my fingers and also my toes, and maybe the fingers on someone else’s hand too! That long!

Just the other day, I was looking at myself in the mirror and was telling myself that I need to have my hair color fixed again because the hair growth is showing my original hair color. My hair, when it reaches this point, has this two-toned look. May joke nga na applicable dito. Kung mayaman ang magde-describe, she’d say I have highlights. Pero pag medyo common tao ang mag de-describe, sasabihin n’ya mukhang buhok ng mga taga dagat!

That’s why I wanted a retouch the soonest possible time!

But things changed in two days!

And it was a drastic change – a total 360 degrees turnaround!

Here I am, resolved never to have my hair dyed again.

Why the sudden change of mind (and heart)?

Because I came across some articles on several researches done regarding hair dyes – and the researchers are saying that hair dyes may actually cause cancer.

Now, two parties are on opposite sides. On the Red corner are the hair dye manufacturers and the industry players (salons that use the products), and they are saying that hair dyes are safe.

On the Blue corner, at the other end of the spectrum, are the researchers. They are saying that hair dyes are not safe; that users may be exposing themselves to a very great health risk.

Their recommendation is this: that more studies need to be made to establish that the hair dye or hair coloring products being sold, distributed, and used in salons worldwide are safe.

How about you? What do you think? With this scenario, would you still want a new tint in your locks?

I wonder if researchers have also done studies on the very popular hair straightening chemicals used by beauty salons today? I wonder if those products are safe to use? Have you seen the process that clients go through to have their hair rebonded? Before, it took at least 5 hours to finish the whole process. Recently, I was told it can be done in 3 hours because of the new rebonding chemicals they are using.

Have you seen how those chemicals are applied? Beauticians protect themselves by using rubber gloves. I’ve heard of people with their scalp burned because of those chemicals. I really can’t help but wonder: are those really safe to use?

By the way, it’s not the hair that’s my concern. We all know that our hair is dead, so no matter what is applied to it, it’ll remain dead. If you put or use too much chemicals on them, the worst that can happen is they’ll get so damaged the only remedy is to cut them off.

The main concern is the scalp. What do you think happens when the chemicals get into the scalp and into the pores and into the bloodstream? That, to me, is where the greatest danger lies.

Oh my, oh my, oh my, the high price we are willing to pay just to be beautiful …


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