Desperate to Lose Weight?

Desperate to lose weight?

It’s as easy as ABC! What’s the hardest thing in losing weight? It’s basic: do YOU have enough discipline to make things happen?

Because that’s all that matters!

For the reason that losing weight is very simple … it only takes small steps … done consistently and with exactness!

For example, as a starter, in order to lose weight, one has to drink 8 or more glasses of water everyday. Can you do this?

Next is to stop drinking softdrinks! Many would say this is easy; but how about those who are in a way “addicted” to these drinks? I for one can attest that cola drinks are addictive. Food simply seems to taste better when they’re paired with a cola drink. I have tried drinking Sprite, 7Up, or Royal in lieu of the cola drinks, and I tell you, they don’t give the same “ahhhhhhh!” after every sip (or gulp!). But hey, cola drinks and other carbonated beverages are not good for the health simply because they contain so many calories! So if it can be helped, let’s begin steering clear away from them. Let’s drink water instead.

Exercise regularly!

Next, exercise! I can already imagine some of you shaking your head and silently saying “no, no, no …” Hey, I did not mean go to the gym and lift weights. To me, exercise means “moving about”! Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Pick up litter and trash; the bending motion will help you. Just be sure to bend your knees when you pick up something so as not to stress or damage your muscles or tendons. When answering your phone, stand up. Leave your office chair for breaks and do some stretching.

If you have a car, park it farthest from the entrance and/or exit of the establishment you are visiting. The short walk will do you wonders. If you’re going somewhere very near, never mind taking a ride; walk instead. Exercise does not have to be very strenuous; something light done regularly will also have an impact in the long run. Remember the saying “from small and simple things big things come to pass”? This is also true in exercise. Moving around burns calories; it’s a good enough way to start a lifetime commitment to exercise!

Eat smart! Portion your food and eat only the healthiest. Never miss breakfast and eat frequently but in small servings. Avoid anything “white” as much as possible as they are processed to the point they contain less vitamins and minerals but they are loaded with calories. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are high in fiber content. Avocado is a very healthy fruit because it contains healthy fat (monounsaturated fats).

Eat healthy!

These are few tips on how to lose weight. Are you now ready to try them by doing them one at a time? There’s really no need to hurry. Maybe today, or for a week, you start drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. Then next week, add to the 8 glasses of water one fruit per day. Then the next week walking for 30 minutes in the morning … And make the experiment more interesting. Take a picture of yourself, the sort of “before and after” effect.  At this point, do not take or measure your weight, do not even measure your waistline. Just be sensitive to how you will feel after one week, then after two weeks. I guarantee you, you’ll feel much much better!

Good luck!


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