The Worn Out Pair of Shoes

I was sitting on one of the benches in the shoe department of a mall last weekend, waiting patiently for the other members of my family to arrive, when I noticed something – something that not only caught my eye but tugged my heartstrings.

A lady was trying on boxes and boxes of shoes and was being waited on by a young man, an employee of the shoe store.

She was obviously well-off as she was trying on branded shoes, not just one, but lots of them. As sizes were changed because one did not fit well and one was not the right color, the young man was ordered back and forth into the storage area. Well, there’s really nothing wrong with that. He was, after all, an employee of the shoe store and that was just part of his job.

Then I saw something.

I saw that he was wearing a very old pair of shoes, and I can already imagine where he bought it. It was clean and it was obvious that he took good care of it. Unfortunately, it was just too old and too used, you can see because the soles were too thin for comfort and it was lopsided already.

I could not help, at that very moment, to ask myself and marvel … how this young man feels about being surrounded with all the nice shoes and having to wear one that’s almost torn and broken apart.

I felt a lump in my throat.

Until now, I still think about this …

I don’t have the answer to the many questions running in my mind.

I just wish and hope things will be better for those who have less; and hoping that those who have will have the heart to share.


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