Ingrown Nails and the Pain they Cause!

Have you experienced the pain of having ingrown nails? If your answer is yes, then most likely you can relate to what I am about to say.


Ingrown nails are very painful.

      If you have them, every step you take is painful; and unless you have them removed by your “suking manicurista”, the pain will persist. So the normal thing to do is to have them removed. If you’re lucky, and your manicurista is someone who knows your toenails like the back of her hand, then there’s no problem at all. After one session with her, in the comfort of her beauty parlor or in your own sala for a home service, the ingrown nails are gone.

But, what if something goes wrong?

Here’s where the problem begins.

What if your suking manicurista is not available and you have to find someone else?

What if the one you found, with all her good intentions, failed to remove the ingrown nail, and worst, left bits and pieces of the said ingrown nail embedded in your toes?

What if, in her attempt to remove your ingrown nails, she accidentally pushed the nipper in too deep and caused a minor cut in your toe nails?

Expect that the day after; you will experience throbbing pain in your toes. They will turn red, the minor cut will be inflamed, and in time, pus will develop.

When this happens, what should you do?

Here are some of my suggestions.

  • First of all, avoid getting your toes wet. Of course you need to take a bath; so when you do, try your best to keep it dry. Maybe you can wrap it with something that will keep it dry as you take a bath;
  • NEVER soak your feet in water – whether warm or cold! Warm water is a no no because it will cause the dilation of your blood vessels, which will worsen the condition of your toes;
  • Clean the wound with Betadine solution. Using a cotton ball soaked in Betadine solution, clean the wound regularly. Then, let it air dry. If you’re staying at home, no need to put a bandage on. If you have to walk somewhere outside your home, then put a bandage on it, but loosely, just to keep the dust and dirt out. Immediately when you get home, remove the bandage.
  • Let your feet rest; if you have the luxury of time, put your feet up to take the pressure off them.
  • Never put powdered medicine in your wound. Some people I know would pound tablets of something, or open capsules of something (like antibiotic) and pour the powder over the wound. I’d say: what for? Those will not work! You’re just wasting your money on those medicines!
  • I am not a doctor, so better ask your pharmacist about pain medications. I was given by my doctor something for pain and something for the inflammation. They were over-the-counter medicines, and they worked for me.
  • Last but not the least, get your Suking manicurista (the one who knows your toes very well, she who has served you for a long time) and let her remove the ingrown nails. Now, I guarantee you this process will be very painful. However, based on my experience, it’s all worth it. Just bite your lips and take a deep breath, and let her do what she does best.

Now, if you don’t have anybody you trust, you better go to a Podiatrist or a Surgeon and have them look at your toes. They are experts on this. Just be well prepared to pay for their fees; surely they will charge more than your suking manicurista!



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