Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed in Business?

Many successful entrepreneurs, when asked what helped them achieve success in their businesses, almost always give three (3) common answers.

These are:

  1. Most of them recognize the value of having the RIGHT attitude and habits;
  2. They give due recognition or credence to the value of following positive practices which helped them become effective and efficient entrepreneurs; and
  3. They emphasize the significance of being able to identify the characteristics of opportunities worth pursuing.

These successful entrepreneurs strongly believe that in order to succeed in business, people must live in such a way that their attitudes and habits bring out the best in them.

What are these attitudes and habits?

There are four (4) that really stand out amongst the many that were mentioned. These are:

  1. Integrity Before Profit
  2. Putting Family First
  3. Never Giving Up, and
  4. Being Honest in All Things.

Integrity before Profit

Integrity is defined by as “steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code”., gives a clearer definition: “Integrity is always doing the right thing even when you know no one else is looking”.

As unrealistic as this may sound to others, many successful entrepreneurs believe that integrity is of utmost importance because only when you practice it that you achieve peace of mind. And only when one is free of guilt that genuine satisfaction and happiness is felt.

Allan K. Simpson was quoted at’s 7 Principles of Business Integrity when he said that “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters”.

To many successful entrepreneurs, profit should come second to integrity; that no amount of money should replace integrity as the noblest of all governing principles of their businesses. Integrity is the heart and soul of the business’s culture.

Putting Family First

In an article found in, Vic Rodwell, owner of a large West Australian dairy farm in Sydney shared his thoughts about the role of family in business – his business. He said to all the dairy farmers who attended the symposium, “I have 4 boys under 11, and the family side of it is priority one.” He stressed that “his family comes first!”  He further said, “That is the number one goal of our business so we have some lifestyle, or why would you put yourself under that much pressure.”  For him, his business is not the end itself, but only a means to provide for his family.

Never Giving Up

Entrepreneurs never easily give up; as a matter of fact, most successful entrepreneurs failed more than twice in all their attempts in business before finally “making it”. This is also called persistence.

A very good point to remember when failure is imminent is this: failure is only a temporary setback; and it does not define who you are as a person or as an entrepreneur. John C. Maxwell in his book “Failing Forward” said, “Remove the “you” from failure. You only failed at something.”

If and when failure comes, re-examine what you did; your decisions. Re-evaluate your goals, and how you implemented them. Then, draw another plan of action; this time learning from your mistakes.

Being Honest in All Things 

Not very many would agree to this; but it does not make this practice null. Almost all successful entrepreneurs value honesty. They expect it from their employees, and because they expect it from others, they also give it to others. It is simply living the Golden Rule: doing unto others what you would want others do unto you.



Now let me turn the table to you …. Would you be willing to do all four in order to succeed in business?


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