How to Keep the Love Alive ♥


When was the last time you went out on a dinner date, just the two of you?  If you haven’t dated, any of these could the reasons:

  • You’re tired from work and the last thing you want is to go out again after a full day in the office.
  • Most likely, if you have kids and you’re working hard, going out on dates was a thing of the past.
  • Maybe there’s just not enough money for extra expenses that are not really urgent and is not your priority.
  • Maybe you always tell yourself the money could be used to pay for your bills.
  • Or maybe you have a baby and you don’t have a baby sitter;
  • Or you simply don’t have enough time with all the work that needs to be done; maybe you’re too exhausted after having done all your laundry and house cleaning and cooking the whole day;
  • Or maybe for you watching TV at home is the same as watching a movie, and at home, you don’t have to spend so it’s practical!
  • Or maybe you feel that going out as a family is better than just the two of you. What about the kids? (You always say they are important too!)
  • Or maybe you just don’t like nor see any significance of going out anymore. Again you think it’s for the “young at heart”, those who are not married yet!

If this is what’s happening in your marriage, in your relationships, I think there is enough reason for you to be alarmed! According to recent studies , second to money issues, couples who take their spouses for granted are more likely to end up unhappy, miserable, or worse, separated and/or divorced. This is because there is truth in the saying that if one can “fall in love”, one can also “fall out of love”.

Who wants this? I don’t think anybody would consciously do anything just to “fall out of love”. So here are suggestions on what you can do to “stay in love”!

Courtship does not end in the altar of marriage. It should only be the beginning!

To keep love burning, married couples have to take their commitment to marriage seriously. How? Make romance a part of your continuous courtship efforts. Romance is a necessity and not a luxury, therefore it is essential to make romance a lifestyle. It can be fun and exciting, and just like all of the other aspects of marriage; it requires thoughtfulness, communication and attention from both parties involved.

Here are 7 Tips on How to Nurture Romance in Your Relationship

1. A Romantic Picnic

Get to know each other all over again! And do it with style! Use your imagination. Find an excuse to spend an evening together, just the two of you. Stop by a grocery on your way home from work: buy some “chichirya“, or a pack of hopia, or potato chips (be sure to include dips like mayonnaise or cheeze whiz ;D),or fruits if you like. Pizza would be okay too! Then, once you get home, light some scented candles, load up the DVD or Mp3 player with some great jazz or your favorite love songs. Spend the evening dancing or simply talking like you may not have in a long time.

2. Speak Love for 30 days (as a starter)

Send a different sexy, loving message each day.  Mix it up. Send a text message one day, call the next day.

3. Do Something New or Different Together

Once a week or as often as you like, do something else, do something new and different, anything, as long as you do it together. You may, for example, give each other a foot massage. Take an evening walk. Take turns doing it. Or go on short vacations, just the two of you.


4. “How Do I Love Thee?” or Try “Why Do I Love Thee?”

Write each reason on a separate piece of paper. Put them in separate boxes and pull a different one each day, to brighten your day and remind you of your love for each other. You can secretly put these love notes in between his shirts, or on the table top for her as you leave to house for your office. Anywhere, as long as the element of surprise is there. It’ll surely bring a smile in your face, and will keep it there until he comes home from work.

5. Remember Letter’s to Juliet? Never under estimate the power of a  Love Letter!

Write a love letter and share something you are really proud of your mate. A few ideas you can write about are: an accomplishment, a selfless act of kindness, what you love the most and why. Ladies seal it with a kiss and a dash of his favorite perfume. Guys, a spritz of her favorite cologne will do.

6. Read Together

Turn off the TV, computer and phones. Take turns reading poetry or anything that interests you both. Just be sure it’s not about someone killing somebody, or something that would invite negative vibes. In short, make sure your reading materials are inspiring and will bring in happy thoughts and feelings.

7. Flower or Green Leafy Vegetables?

There’s a joke that goes around married couples and it goes like this: Early on in the courtship, would-be boyfriends shower the lady love flowers of every color imaginable. After marriage, things change. Husbands would say: “let’s buy vegetables instead” We have to be practical! You know I love you anyway, with or without flowers!”

Of course this is just a joke. But hey! Inside every married woman, 17 to 99, is a lady and a girl … who wants to feel she is special … still.

So bring a different kind of flower home each day for 30 days.

Trust me, it‘s not difficult.



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