Who Wants Healthy Hair?

I came across this interesting article about hair myths, and I found it very informative, so I’m sharing what I learned from it to you.

Here goes …

Myth # 1: Using mayonnaise on your hair will make it healthier. This is not true. In fact, no amount of hair product you apply in your hair will make it healthy; only what you eat will! So for healthier hair, eat fish rich with Omega-3, lean meat, and eggs. Avoid heated styling tools (especially straightening irons and blow dryers) and brush your hair gently to avoid breaking the hair strands.

Here’s more: if you put mayonnaise in your hair, I guarantee you you’ll feel and smell awful – and it’s a total waste of money.

Myth #2: Water in the swimming pools can damage your hair. This is true. To take good care of your hair especially when swimming in pools with chemically-treated water. How? Simply add conditioner to your hair before you plunge into the pool. The conditioner will help seal your hair cuticles and prevent them from absorbing any pool chemicals.

Myth #3: Plucking gray or white hair is not good. This is true because but it takes three long months for a hair to emerge through your scalp and even longer for it to grow to a noticeable length. Pulling out hair from your scalp damages the follicle and this leads to hair loss.

You want to be bald? Pull those gray or white hairs!


Myth #4: Conditioners help mend split ends. This is not true. The only remedy for split ends is to cut them off. Hair products such as hair conditioners can seal the split ends temporarily but if they are not trimmed, they will continue to run.

Myth #5: Cold water makes and keeps the hair shiny. This is true. The cold water closes the hair cuticle which enables the hair strand to reflect light better.

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