My Mama’s Lullaby ♥


Looking back and remembering every word and every melody, I can not help but feel gratitude for this wonderful gift my Mama has given me. I have sang these melodies to all my five children, to my nephews and nieces, to my friends’ children when I was taking care of them, and now, absurd as it may seem, even to our pet dog Nessie ♥

A word though … I do not really know where my Mama got these songs, or the other lullabies she sang to us, but surely, whenever she sang or hummed them to my sisters Chary and Carla then, my eyes would close because of the feeling it brought to my heart.

Here’s one simple song that I will forever remember and treasure …


Ang Batang Buotan”

Ang batang buotan,

Garbo sa ginikanan

Sa sugo sila motuman

sa walay langan langan.

Dili maghilak

og dili magmanya

ang batang buotan

palangga sa ginikanan.

The words can be replaced … to make it more fitting,  i guess.

For instance, way back then I would, at times, change “ginikanan” with “Mommy” (because that’s what my children call me) …

When the kids were young, Romel also sang the lullaby … he changed ‘Ginikanan” with “Daddy” …

Funny because I didn’t really realize that he knew the song. I now realize that by hearing me sing it then, he became familiar with the songs.

Here’s another one:


“Rosas sa Hardin”

May rosas sa hardin

gitanum ni Quentin

makawagtang sa kalaay

sa dughan maglipay.

Ang iyang katahum

wala nay makatupong

maanindot, maanindot

sa kanunay.

Of all the lullabys though, the one I remember the most is Dandansoy.

I remember, every time Mama would sing it to my younger sister Charry, Charry would cry …

Maybe because the song is about leaving someone behind. Maybe in Charry’s mind then, Mama was literally saying goodbye, hence the tears. (would you believe as I am writing this and recalling the words/lyrics, I too am crying?)



Dandansoy, biyaan ko ikaw.

Pauli ako sa Payaw.

Kun galing, ikaw hidlawon

ang Payaw, imo lang lantawon.

(I am not really sure if the lyrics are correct, but that is how I remember the song …)

Last but not the least of Mama’s lullaby is the song composed by Tito Vic Barreto. Mama used to sing this when she was still with PANAMIN. The words may not be perfect, but still, it’s how I remember it.



Give me my kudyapi

for I will sing a song

for my beloved Bukidnon

where life begins, and ends for us.

Give me my saluray

for I will play a tune

for my beloved Bukidnon

who cares and lives for us.

Music beats deep within my heart

the call of birds and falling rains

the sound of living forest

becomes a melody.

Come now my dearest one

rest and forget your fears

for my beloved Bukidnon

…. (now I have forgotten the last part … )

Oh the beauty and blessing of parenthood! Though it’s so unfortunate that there’s no formal school for parenthood, and that we only “learn the ropes” as we go. Suffice it to say that with all the heartaches and pains and hard work involved, bearing and rearing children is still the most rewarding of all the undertaking there is in the world.

Ma, thank you very much! We live so close but we seldom see each other. This makes me so sad. Work and family duties keep me on my toes most of the time, and so mostly, when I miss you, I just think of you and sing your songs … and of course send you a text message or two. I love you Ma, and I know no amount of words will be enough to make you feel how much I truly do.


Now, with my children all grown up (and they don’t really need me to sing to them anymore), I still sing these lullabies, mostly silently and only in my mind… to remind me of the many wonderful things during childhood years – the warmth of my Mama’s embrace … the feeling of safety and security .. of being loved …

I will continue to sing these lullabies to my children, and later on (hopefully much much later on hahaha!) to my grandchildren – to share with them this special something that is of great worth, passed on by my mother to me – and me, to them. For soon they too will become mothers, and Romelson a father. I hope when that time comes, as they hold close their children, they will remember me … and what I taught them. More importantly, they will remember how much their Mommy loves them, more than my own life. I love them so much.



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