Portioning Food and Losing Weight

A good way to stay on course in achieving and maintaining your desired weight is to portion or divide any food you have into small serving pieces. This is true whether you’re eating chips, cookies, bread, pastries, pasta, and most especially desserts.

Do all the portioning prior to eating them. It will even be much better if you portion your food the moment you come home from the grocery store.

When you sort out your food, portion them into individual serving pieces or sizes and then store them in individual food bags or containers.

Remember: just one (1) serving size each pack or container. This is very important so you will be able to track the volume or quantity of your food consumption. Every time you go to the ref, or the cupboard or pantry, just get one pack or serving.

And always remember never to eat more than one serving per meal.

When you are able to stick to this, loosing and maintaining weight is not going to be difficult. If this practice succeeds, it simply means you have excellent self control because you’re able to manage your self!


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