Dieting Through Small Frequent Meals: A Sure Way to Lose Weight!

I’ve read this from somewhere, and I had to read the whole article to finally understand what it meant. It was a long article, but since I want you, my readers, to love reading my posts, I’ve decided to go direct to the point here, so this article will not bore you.

At a glance, the two – Dieting and Frequent Meals, are really opposing thoughts, unless some words will be inserted in between them; the words  “through small and”…

Then it becomes Dieting through Small and Frequent Meals, which makes perfect sense!

I learned that if we really want to lose weight effectively, diet experts suggest that we should start eating  small meals, at least four (4) to six (6) times a day, instead of the three (3) major meals we have been accustomed to: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The reason behind this is very simple: eating frequently regulates and boosts the metabolism, helping burn more calories.

However, it is more than just eating small servings.  It also means having a meal plan, where in advance you plan what will comprise your meals for the day, or better yet for the whole week. Planning your meal will allow you to choose the right kinds of food and serve just the right amount every meal.

This also means eating the “right” kinds of food.

Imagine eating Crispy Pata (a Philippine Delicacy – Deep Fried Crispy Pork Leg)  in small servings, or Leche flan (a sweet custard dessert made of egg whites, condensed milk, and sugar) in small but frequent servings … It will not make any difference.

So remember, to achieve your desired weight and  to maintain it thereafter, stick to small frequent servings of anything that’s healthy!


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