Never Tell Yourself No When It Comes to Food! Instead …

Do you know that the worst enemy of effective weight loss is self-deprivation? It’s true! Here’s the thing: the moment you tell yourself  “No”, your mind reacts to the thought negatively. What happens is that the brain counter-reacts. Have you noticed that the more you say “no” to something, the more you think about it? This is true most especially when it comes to food!

Thus, never, ever, deny yourself of anything you like in terms of food.

Instead, eat responsibly.

Okay, so always have this in mind.

But what happens if you’re invited to a party? Or your friends are going to an Eat-All-You-Can Buffet and they’re literally dragging you along? Should you say no?

I suggest you go. But, here’s what you should do …

Before leaving your home, eat first! Load up on fruits and vegetables. You may also prepare oatmeal or a salad. Do this  to keep yourself feeling full. Then, when you’re in the party already, eat anything that interests you, but only in very small quantities. This way, you won’t feel deprived.

The secret again is taking very small servings of everything healthy!


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