Ten Things I Want, But Would Not Buy For Myself!

This is really interesting!  … because I know I want these ten things, it’s just that I want someone else to buy them for me ha ha ha!

Paging Santa Claus! It’s almost Christmas =)

Here goes my list:

1. A Diamond Ring

I want my hubby to buy me one, and give it to me on our … 27th Wedding Anniversary? … That’s November next year, I think that’s good enough time for him to save enough ha ha ha!

2. A Car I can drive when I go to work or when I do errands … 

3. A Louis Vuitton Bag … or a Coach …  or any branded bag for that matter.

However, more than the fact that I can’t afford them, even if I have the money, I wouldn’t …

4.  A gun

5. An iPhone

6.  A Mac

7. An iPad

8.  A size 30 Guess Jeans ;D

9.  An SLR for myself 

10.  Shades


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