Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Myth or Truth?

Me and Myco in 1986

When a pregnant woman starts to long or crave for a particular food, how should one respond? Often, the husband is the one most affected by this new experience. The question most likely asked by the husband is this: is there a medical explanation to such cravings? Is there truth to this or is this just a myth? 

When I had Myco, the first sign that I was pregnant was my extreme want or longing for banana cue. There’s nothing quite special or different in that, except that I normally do not like banana cue. To make it worst, I wanted one with burnt caramel on top of it.

Then the next food I asked Romel to buy for me regularly was Hungarian Goulash. This is spaghetti with very big meat balls in them, with delicious tomato sauce and cheese!!! This was sold only in Ororama Food Court.

Then the last food item in the list was Champorado!!! But mind you, I always wanted it very chocolaty  with lots of milk and sugar, and frozen cold. I ate my stash of champorado when everyone in the house were already sleeping!

Then Ella came. I craved for Palabok (from Sky Burger) everyday, and on those days when Romel didn’t buy me Palabok? I cried like a baby!!! There were days when he would not give in to what I wanted – that is – Palabok. So what I did? I went to Skyburger all by myself … or sometimes I’d tag along Myco.

Mommy pregnant with Ella

With April I craved for hard-boiled eggs and Siopao. But, I only ate the white parts ha ha ha! And whenever we would watch a movie, I’d ask Romel to buy me hard boiled eggs for snacks! I can still remember how embarrassed he was when I cracked open the eggs shells on the back of the seats  ;D

For Sarah, well, the longing for Champorado came back! Still very chocolatey, sweet, and chilled well! And for this particular pregnancy, I loved mud crabs!

Last but not the least (for now he he he!),  was when I had Romelson!

Mommy waiting for April Ann
Mommy waiting pregnant with April Ann

Ironically, I craved again for hard boiled eggs, and ate only the egg whites. Then again there’s the ever dependable Siopao.

Surprisingly, it was only in this pregnancy that I hated the smell of sauteed garlic, onion, and tomatoes!  During this time we were operating a food outlet in Malaybalay, and during food preparation time, I would go very far from the kitchen just to avoid the smell. This lasted for four months, hah!

Myth? Truth?

For one, I know that I wanted those foods very very badly.

Second, that the craving actually disappeared after a period of time.

Well, I did some research and I came across an article in Webmd that explains the reasons behind the food cravings during early pregnancy. So now I know it’s not a myth!

Third, that during my five (5) pregnancies, I did not only hate some foods, I also hated seeing particular people too!

What helped?

Romel was very supportive.

Most days he bought me the food I wanted.

However, there were also times he wasn’t there, for he had to work too!, and so I bought the food i wanted myself, and brought along a child or two.

Looking back and remembering all those experiences,  I could not help but smile. So for my legacy, I am sharing these things to my children. Hopefully this will somehow prepare them as they become mothers themselves, and a husband and father too, for my son Romelson.

All grown up!
All grown up!

Writing this has brought back wonderful memories, and this has, in so many ways, fostered a stronger bond between me and my children. Remembering all these fond and loving memories has made me realize too, how blessed I am to have such a very understanding and supportive husband. That made all the difference! I will always feel deep gratitude for Romel for his sacrifices, his understanding, his generosity, and his love.

Us 28 years after ...
Us 28 years after …

2 thoughts on “Food Cravings During Pregnancy: Myth or Truth?”

    1. Thanks Ms Gold ;D Start making your own journal of love too! It will do wonders to you especially when things don’t go as they should … or more so when things are – as you pray them to be ♥


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