10 Things That Make Me Feel Old =(

1. Tiny cute blouses in boutiques!  They all look like they’ve been designed for teenagers. Naa lagi store for Mom’s, pang matrona pod tanan ang designs and colors! Mo “mature” ta samot (to put it lightly and gently hehehe) …

Cute Blouses

2. Rubber shoes! I like them especially if they’re white. But I don’t feel comfy in them. It feels like PE way back in high school and college.

White Running Shoes

3.  The latest dance steps …  In my mind I can do the moves … but in reality, it actually feels like watching YouTube and it’s buffering … buffering … loading …. Loading … t o o    s l o w  ha ha ha!

4. Painting my fingernails with 5 colors! I did already, many times. But honestly, I feel too old for them.

5 Different Colors

5.  Argggggghhhhh! Seriously, can’t think of anything else! Besides, I am really not that old, too! Maybe we should wait 15 more years, and then I can complete the 10!

How about you?

Can you think of 10 things that makes you feel older than you really are?


2 thoughts on “10 Things That Make Me Feel Old =(

  1. Hmmmm….. actually, there are lots of things that make me feel old!!!
    1. there are spots on my face, and every time I step out of the house or under a light bulb, it seems that their number is increasing and my sunblock bottle seems to be always empty!!!

    2. my weight! haha! it seems that even the smell of food makes me gain unwanted baggage and I credit being old for that.

    3. the presence of medicines in my purse!

    4. grandchildren of some of my friends!

    5. there are pinoy actors and actresses that I do not know! haha! ang babaw! but these are just some of my reality check!

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