Chicken Liver, Gizzard, & Egg Adobo


Are you fond of adobo? I suggest you try cooking Chicken Liver and Gizzard Adobo – plus Eggs!

What’s new with this kind of Adobo? It’s simple: the eggs I am suggesting you include is not the hard-boiled-eggs you peel and then include in the Adobo while you simmer it to perfection. I mean eggs found inside the chicken – the ones that have not matured before the chicken was dressed.

I’ve tasted this kind of Adobo a couple of times served in a local carenderia owned by an Ilonggo near a local high school here in the City. “Lami kaayo”(very delicious) but “mahal”(very expensive)!

Now if you want to try cooking this, here’s the tip: you can’t buy the liver and gizzard with the eggs from any supermarket or wet market for the reason that in supermarkets and wet markets, they are already separated. These can only be bought from either Carmen Market or Cogon Market, or if you’re not from Cagayan de Oro, just go to your local market. Go to the stalls that sell freshly dressed chicken and look for the liver, gizzard, & eggs parts. It’s not expensive too, at 120.00 to 130.00 per kilo (Cagayan de Oro price).

To cook, simply season and cook just like your normal Adobo.

One last thing: the liver, gizzard, and eggs come in one bunch, so you can just clean this with running water, and if you like, you can keep them intact. This way, when you serve it, you each get a liver, a gizzard, and some eggs. A kilo would give you more or less 5 to 6 sets of the liver-gizzard-egg bunch.

Try this Yummy Chicken Liver, Gizzard and Egg Adobo and you will always want to cook this recipe again!



I will post a picture of this soon! Maybe tomorrow … planning to go to the market very early tomorrow morning! 





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