On Fashion & Trends


A year or two ago, the mention of the word fashion would bring to mind clothes, bags, jewelries, watches, and shoes. Today, the word “fashion trend” means more than just those. A few standout things has now been added to what would constitute being fashionable, trendy, and stylish: it’s the mobile phone.

This is true! The mobile phone in your hand can also say so much about how fashionable or trendy you are: whether you’re “IN” or “OUT” of fashion.

This may sound a little off, somewhat peculiar, but it’s nonetheless factual.

Have you been observant enough? If you’ve not been that attentive, try going to malls, bars, and posh elite restaurants, and check out what the people that patronize these establishments carry with them, in their hands, not inside their purses. You would be amazed because you will discover that they carry with them constantly their mobile phones. Look closer and observe them some more. Given enough time, you will see that most of their mobile phones are not the ordinary mobile phones. They carry with them smartphones and iPhones – gadgets that today are considered fashion items.


How about you? Are you “IN” or “OUT” of fashion?

If you ask me, I’d say I’m “OUT” of  fashion. But I don’t really mind, as long as I can make calls and send text messages. Honestly, I don’t really mind hiding every time my very-hideous-looking-as-old-as-Jurrassic-Park-Big-as-an-ordinary-bar-of-soap-mobile-phone rings hahaha! I’m just exaggerating a bit!

But surely, fashion is not an absolute thing! Who say’s you have to have expensive everything to be trendy and stylish? Wika nga sa salitang Tagalog or Filipino: “NASA NAGDADALA LANG YAN, KAIBIGAN!” In English (for my foreign friends), it’s how you carry yourself that makes you fashionable! 





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