While having dinner, the lights went out! Daddy went to look for the candles in the dark, while April went to get the flashlight.

The candles were found, dinner continued, with a new ambiance… candlelit!

Unusually short (for we normally stay in the table for an hour or more just chatting away and finishing everything edible ha ha ha!), we all rose from the table and helped clean up.

Then we all went to our family room and sat together huddled in the warmth of the candle. We always do, sit together and just talk about almost anything and everything.

I asked Myco to sing a few songs, which she did. She got her guitar and started strumming a few notes.

Dad closed his eyes, her siblings listened intently. We softly sang with her when she played our favorite, a song entitled “home” …

How grateful I am for moments such as what we just had. Many a times I express disapproval for televisions and computers because it replaces moments such as what we just had; simple, wholesome, heart-warming family time.

I don’t wish for blackOuts to be regular. I’ m just grateful that once in a while, I get to be reminded that from simple things I can actually find genuine joy.


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