Me @ 41 =)

When I was 15, I was excited about growing up …

@ 17, I got married …

My Wedding
My Wedding

@ 18, I became a Mom =)

Me and Myco
Me and Myco

I was 25 when I finally finished my Bachelor’s Degree =)

I was 36 when I finished my Master’s Degree.

By then I already had five wonderful children and had been married for 20 years =)

Today, @ 41 …

All my kids are grown up, ahmmmm, not exactly really. But they’re bigger – meaning we can go anywhere without me having to carry them or bringing along a bag full of diapers and baby bottles etc …

My 3 girls and their Dad ♥
My 3 girls and their Dad ♥

The downside however is the fact that whenever we eat out, it’s a lot more expensive! Plus they get to choose where we eat!

Ella, Tonton, and Myco ♥
Ella, Tonton, and Myco ♥

Romel and the kids ♥
Romel and the kids ♥

I’ll be 42 soon, and seriously, I feel a little old. Just a little =)

So, what does a 41 year old woman want?

This may sound hilarious, but one thing I miss is  having a  baby at home! Seriously! I miss the smell of an infant, the giggles, the lullabyes at night …

Well, @ 41, my ob would definitely say no, no, and no!

So probably, I’ll just content myself with borrowing someone else’s baby for the time being.

Me and Belle ♥
Me and Belle ♥

Surely, in a not-so-distant future, I’ll have my own grand children to “have and to hold” .

This is something worth waiting for.

But for now, I’ll just have to be me … =)

@ 41, what could be in store for me?


Perhaps Law School in a year or two … or a post doctorate degree in Public Management, my Training School and Pre-School …

White Water rafting come end of  October with my whole family …

Trip to Malaysia perhaps, to visit Charry =)

Interesting age to be in! =)

I look at it as a blank sheet of paper, I decide what to write in it.

Is that not exciting?



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