True Beauty …

Do you know what flower this is?

We see this flower in the farms … in the mountainside, on the roadside, in gardens, in meadows …

It’s called Makahiya in Tagalog, in English Sensitive Plant, and in the Cebuano or Visayan it’s called Bolonsiri!

I was awestruck with her beauty … It never occurred to me that I will find such beauty in a wild plant or weed, despised by farmers, gardeners, and common farm people because of its thorns …

But then as I looked closer, I realized something … a simple truth which, to me, is a lesson for a lifetime:

True beauty can also be found in the simplest of God’s creation …

Like this flower … at first glance she’s ordinary, unpretentious, natural, plain, ordinary, and unwanted.

But when looked into closely, she’s actually beautiful!




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