More on My Lola Epang ♥

I love Aha! moments …  And the past week had been a roller coaster ride, a memorable journey back to my roots … my past … the people I loved and grew up with …

Mama, Charry, Carla, Myco, and Eda ♥
Mama, Charry, Carla, Myco, and Eda ♥

“Diving” into boxes full of old photographs was like time travel. Many times I paused to look closely into pictures and observe the people therein … wiping a tear or two in my eyes … remembering how it used to be.

Filemon and Felipa Villanueva and Family

Actually, the objective was to look for old family pictures to scan for the movie Myco and I are making. You see, two Aunts, Mommy Jul “Niwang” and Mommy Jul “Intsik”, as we fondly call them ( both are called Julie though the first one’ s real name is Juliana and the second one Julieta) who are residents of the United States,  came home for a visit.

The two Mommy Jul's ... Juliana and Julieta =)

This inspired some cousins in Malaybalay to organize the 1st Reunion of the Heirs of Filemon and Felipa Villanueva which is actually scheduled tomorrow, September 12, 2009 (and as of this writing we have not finished the movie yet ha ha ha!) …

So as I went through the piles of old pictures, there were moments when I smiled remembering special occasions, and there were many moments too, that I felt sad and lonely, wishing in my heart for time to roll back and bring again the laughter … the songs … the dances … even the food we shared as a family, then …

when they were still small ...

Yesterday, after I recited my Entrepreneurship class @ the CIT, I went to visit my friends at the AVP Office. For days I had been looking for Lola’s scanned documents, to no avail. I may have placed it somewhere too difficult to find … at the moment. So I went to borrow the documents again. Thanks to Ms Belle and Ms Weng and the SA who went to the storage area to retrieve them, I was able to photocopy them again.

So last night and this morning, I went to every single detail in her records, and I AM STILL AS AMAZED at her as I was the first time I saw her docs.

So here are the details about Lola:

Date Started Teaching in Xavier:             July 3, 1967

Date of Birth:                                                    September 29, 1909

Spouse:                                                              Filemon Ortiz Villanueva

Date of Marriage:                                          March 1, 1937

Place of Marriage:                                         Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Educational Background:

Courses Completed

Name of School


Inclusive Years of Attendance


Primary Kalasungay S.F. School Kalasungay, Malaybalay 1918-1923 2nd Honor
Elementary Malaybalay Central School Malaybalay 1923-1925 1st Honor
Secondary Bukidnon Provincial High School (Normal) Malaybalay 1925-1928
Cebu Normal School Cebu City 1928-1929
College Philippine Normal College Manila 1929-1931
MLQ Educational Institute Manila 1959-1962 B.S.E.
Graduate MLQ University Manila 1963-1967 M.A.

Educational Attainment

Degrees, Titles Received Majors Minors Honors Received
Elementary Teacher’s Certificate Home Economics
Bachelor of Science in Education (Home Economics) Home Economics
Master of Arts in Education Administration and Supervision

Other Special Studies/Certificates:

  1. Certificate in Dressmaking
  2. Girl Scouting


Teaching Experience(s):

All Subjects Taught in Past and Current Years Academic Level

(Elementary, High School, College)

Place Number of Years
Introduction to Drama College Manila 1962-1968
All subjects in the Elementary Level (except Industrial Arts and Gardening) Elementary Level Manila 1954-1962
Home Economics subjects Elementary Manila 1962-1967
Library Work Secondary Bukidnon 1935-1946
Supervisory work Elementary Normal School 1947-1951

Civil Service & Government Examinations

Name of Examination Date Rating
Junior Teacher 1936 80%
Senior Teacher 1946 70%




Work Experience in Other Educational Institutions and Fields

Position or Rank Institution Monthly Salary Date of Employment
Critic Teacher Bukidnon Normal School 100.00 June 1931-1932
Junior H.E. Critic Teacher Bukidnon Normal School 100.00 1932-1935
Home Economics  Critic Teacher & Librarian Bukidnon Provincial High School 120.00 1935-1946
Home Economics Teacher (HS) Bukidnon Provincial High School 1946-1947
Acting Division Home Economics Supervisor Bukidnon 150.00 1947-1949
Division H.E. Supervisor Bukidnon 1949-1951
Home Economics Teacher Butuan Elementary School 1951-1952
Home Economics Teacher Iligan Elementary School (Isabela) 1953-1954
Classroom Teacher Grade III Lakandula Elementary School Manila 1954-1956
Classroom Teacher Grades I, II, & IV J. Sumulong Elementary School


Classroom Teacher Home Economics Plaridel Elementary School


1961 – 1966


Paper(s) Written:


My Supervisor and Me              Manila Public School Teacher’s Organ


Subjects taught in Xavier University:

  • Educ 100 – Philosophy of Education
  • Educ 101 – Problems of Philippine Education
  • Educ 102 – Contemporary Education System
  • Educ 116 – Mental Hygiene
  • Educ 129 – Administration and Supervision’
  • Educ 131 – Curriculum Development
  • Psyc 1 – General Psychology
  • Lib Science 5 – Introduction to Classification and Cataloguing
  • Lib Science 3 – Elementary Reference Work and Bibliography

So … what now?  I asked myself …

Was it Babus who made mention that a street should be named after Lola?

Actually, the street where the Itchon’s house is located is  named after Lolo: Filemon Villanueva Street.

As I was going through her records, and remembering what someone said about Lola being the 1st professional from Kalasungay, I think she deserves recognition for her accomplishments. You see, her field as a Home Economics teacher surely has made some homes better …

What I said in my previous article about Lola being an extraordinary woman, I uphold! She’s more than a professional. She was a great Mother to five professionals ( Tito Boy was a Physician/Surgeon, Tito Ben an Architect and Civil Engineer, Mama a Commerciante, Tito Dots a lawyer, and Daddy Bricks a Banker.

Lolo and Lola with Ate Maritess. This was taken during Papa and Mama's Wedding Reception ♥

I wish I can accomplish even half of what she has achieved.

I love her and I am so proud to be her grand daughter ♥


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