A Delightful Discovery!

Every night, as I end my day, I always resort to reading a good book or two at bedtime to relax myself. So far I enjoyed those moments and more so because I get to sleep thinking and wondering about how to apply the new learnings  in my life.  Experimenting on these newly discovered principles and theories have proven to be very rewarding,  thus making reading a much anticipated activity for me.

By sheer accident, and much to my delight, I found a new “hobby”! So far it has de-stressed me (if there is such a word) wonderfully!

It all began when one fine afternoon after my class in XU CIT,  my daughter Ella and I went to shop in a department store. As we walked, we came across a gondola displaying brightly colored nail polish. We call them “cutex” … I really don’t know why. Maybe that was the name used to refer to nail polish  in general. Maybe that was a brand name before, just as we mistakenly refer to “toothpaste” as “colgate”!

And so I bought a few that first day … and a few more the following day … and a few more the next day!

I started doing my daughters’ nails that very first night, and I never expected we’d enjoy coloring our nails. The greatest reward however was the bonding we’ve forged … Me, their Mom, doing their nails while their Dad was watching Leverage and/or Numbers in the nearby computer station a few feet from where we were seated comfortably.

And so every night after that, after doing all my chores and my hands still wet and tired from doing the days’ laundry and dishes, when everyone is done with their homework and chores, when most of them are in their rooms preparing for bed, and while I sit with my hubby in front of the computer while he watches a movie or as he surfs the net, I go about and color my fingernails.

One night I painted all ten in one shade; the next night alternately using two different colors. The third day was great! I painted each fingernail using different colors! Believe me, for no reason at all, I slept with a smile in my face …

My hubby, a gentle critic, asked me one night if my nails would not be damaged by the consistent use of nail polish remover. He also asked, surely out of sheer curiosity, where I got the fashion sense, since I was using non-traditional colors like dark green and frosted blue and frosted violet. My daughters told him it’s the “in” thing for most trendy young women. With that response from the trendy young women themselves, he looked at me and smiled …

So there it goes … a new and fun way to de-stress (is there such a word? I wonder …) If you’re up to the challenge, try it yourself! See if you’ll have the same soothing and relaxing experience that I have enjoyed (and still continues to enjoy) until this day!

And by the way, I did not stop reading.  Instead, now  have to read longer because I have to wait for my nails to get dry before I can say my prayers, pull the covers, embrace my hubby, kiss him goodnight,  and finally close my eyes.

Godspeed ♥


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